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At Bold Financial Group, we are an INDEPENDENT financial service firm with access to a wide range of investment products and strategies. As a client, your investment and financial goals will always come first as we work together to create a unique and customized plan for you. By engaging with Bold Financial to manage your investment assets, we provide all of our services to help you towards your future goals at no additional fee.

Investment Advising

We actively manage and review investment holdings regularly providing recommendations and customized options during client review meetings.

Financial Planning

Focusing on your individual needs, concerns, and goals in order to build a customized financial plan that works for you.

Retirement Planning

Using interactive tools to help analyze what your future retirement may look like while creating a plan to guide you towards your retirement goals.

401(k) Plan Advising

Specializing in assisting small and mid-sized companies to develop, implement and maintain their 401(k) or 403(b) accounts.

Insurance Needs

Analyzing your current financial scenario, insurance policies, and goals to see if you if you have enough coverage to help protect you and your family.

Retirement Income

Customizing plans and creating strategies that we can implement to help utilize social security effectively and satisfy income needs all while reducing fears of what may happen in the market.

Tax Planning

Working alongside your accountant or tax preparer to help create strategies to lessen your overall tax burden. 

Asset Allocation

Researching and analyzing investments to help create a diversified portfolio, which attempts to maximize the amount of return for your targeted amount of risk. 

Cash Flow Planning

Assisting you in creating a budget/spending plan to help you get out of debt, discover new savings opportunities, and be able to pursue more of your financial goals.

College Planning

Offering assistance and guidance in creating plans to help you save for your children's or loved ones future educational needs.

Estate Planning

Working closely with estate planning attorneys to identify ways to provide and care for your family and minimize final expenses. This can save your family from having to make difficult future decisions.

Financial Advising

Available to help walk you through and provide impartial advice on any major or minor financial situations or opportunities you may have

A Trusted Financial Advisor Throughout Each Phase of Your Life 

Early Career Phase

Early Career Phase

The beginning of a person's financial life which typically involves paying down student debt, making major purchase decisions, and beginning retirement savings and investments. This phase can help make the biggest impact to your future by taking certain steps. 

Career Development/Family Phase

Career Development/Family Phase

Life changes can happen quickly as new and exciting job opportunities come your way as well as the potential for growing your family. Making sure you are financial protected and preparing for the future are major focus areas during this phase.

Pre-Retirement / Prime Earning Phase

Pre-Retirement / Prime Earning Phase

Focus typically shifts from financial needs of the family as they start to decrease and moves towards upcoming retirement. Preparation steps and guidance are key as you make big decisions during these years.

Retirement Phase

Retirement Phase

After spending most of your life working, retirement brings about many opportunities and challenges. Whether navigating travel, leisure activities, health care needs, generosity goals, social security decisions, or managing your finances without employment income, this phase involves significant planning and monitoring.